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Legal Solutions

MAAT Abogados & Asociados has been providing tranquility and has customized solutions for its clients for more than 30 years. Our multidisciplinary law firm represents a diverse clientele from different legal fields. The main feature that distinguishes us is that we are aware that whoever goes to a lawyer has overwhelming problems. And, the minimum we can offer is cordiality, understanding, human warmth and courtesy maintaining a fluid communication path, listening with the heart and mind, and seeking effective solutions to complex legal situations. These are the qualities that allow us to mediate conflicts very effectively, saving costs and avoiding interminable judicial procedures.

Do you have a legal problem that worries you? Do you need effective and reliable solutions? Count on us.

We offer you a team of lawyers with extensive experience, human warmth and creativity to accompany you in the resolution of your case. In MAAT Barcelona we focus on you and our commitment is to help you solve your legal issues. We hold your hand and walk you through, step by step. Do not waste time, contact us!
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Our objective is to seek the tranquility and satisfaction of our clients through a personal and effective management of their issues.


We know how difficult it can be to start a new stage in another country. We help you take firm steps towards the future that you want to achieve.

Administrative law

We put at your service effective solutions that meet each one of your needs. Admnistrative sanctioning proceedings, patrimonial responsibility of the Public Administration ...

Comercial Law

Starting or expanding a business is a very important step that needs planning and secure solutions. Do you want confidence and security? Count on MAAT Barcelona.

Labor Law

Our labour lawyers know the statutes of the workers and from MAAT Barcelona we can protect and assert your rights.