Family Law

Contact your family lawyer directly, specialist in mediation and conflicts resolution, for divorce issues, dissolution of domestic partnership, custody of minors, alimony..

MAAT Barcelona has lawyers specialized in Family Law

Due to our professional experience, we are well aware of the complex situation that results from putting an end to family ties, and our commitment is to manage these procedures as simply and as easily as possible, with the aim of mediating and formalizing divorce or separation proceedings, defending always with zeal the interests of our represented. Our specialists will provide you with all the explanations you require. In order to avoid interminable judicial procedures and reduce costs, through the mediation of conflicts, we will try to reach the best agreements. Among others, we provide the following services:

  • Litigation and mutual agreement proceedings of separation or divorce.
  • Regularization and dissolution of domestic partnership.
  • Liquidation of the matrimonial economic regime
  • Guardianship and custody, alimony, modification of definitive measures, visits regime, filiation.
  • Proceedings of judicial execution of breach of agreement.

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