More than 30 years of commitment to ethics and professional efficacy.

Currently we are offering our services in Spain, Francia, Brasil, and Guatemala.

About MAAT Barcelona

MAAT Abogados & Asociados lawyers firm was founded in 1987, with the opening of the first professional office in Granada. Since 1989 the process of international expansion begins with the opening of an office in France, and from there: Guatemala in 1996 and Brazil in 2004. In Spain, our firm develops its expansion process, first in 2002 with the opening of a delegation in Palma de Mallorca, then in 2006 in Roquetas de Mar (Almería), and since 2014 it has been conducting its activities in the city of Barcelona.

We provide professionalism and trust to your projects.

From the headquarters of the Barcelona office, we are focused on guaranteeing your tranquility, and we assume the commitment to develop the future projects you wish to carry out. We get involved in your ideas and business to give you the personalized advice you need. Likewise, we identify your needs to offer you legal solutions that are fast, secure and in accordance with you. We inform you clearly about the legal obligations and requirements necessary to achieve the desired success. The MAAT Barcelona team is a committed, focused and creative team that fuses the knowledge of highly experienced professionals in the practice of law with the enthusiasm of young people committed to quality and constant improvement of their services.

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From our Immigration Department we offer you effective solutions in NIE processing, Golden visa, domestic partnership regularization ...


Contact your family lawyer directly, specialist in mediation and conflicts resolution, for divorce issues, dissolution of domestic partnership, custody of minors, alimony...


We can assure effective and secure transactions, providing you with comprehensive advice on the sale and lease of real estate, drafting contracts, investment analysis ...


We put at your service effective solutions that meet each one of your needs. Admnistrative sanctioning proceedings, patrimonial responsibility of the Public Administration ...

Cristina Ferrer Casas

Responsable de Administración

Eliselmo D'Altoè Weber

MAAT Almería (España)

Av. Rey Juan Carlos I, 27 1º-1
CP04740, Roquetas De Mar, ALMERÍA
Telf.: 950-933-509

MAAT Brasilia/DF (Brasil)

Rua Macaúba, 16, sl.310, Ed. Apolo
CP 71928-180, Águas Claras,BRASILIA/DF
Telf.: (61) 3053 6459

MAAT Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)

Avenida Reforma 12-01, zona 10, Edificio Reforma Montufar, Torre "A" oficina 1104, CIUDAD DE GUATEMALA
Telf.: (502)  2360 5697