“We achieve tranquility and satisfaction through personal and effective management”




““We achieve tranquility and satisfaction through personal and effective management””

Our Principles

Professionalism and Justice

Study and Research

Information and Confidentiality

Friendliness and courtesy

Economic Flexibility


We are specialised in several areas of Law

Immigration Law

In MAAT Barcelona we are specialized in processing residence permits for investors, highly qualified professionals, stable union, non-profit residence permit, student visas, Spanish and Italian nationality, administrative resources.

Civil Right

We have lawyers with a solid experience and knowledge in this legal area. We are ready to offer you a quality service, choosing the legal strategy that best suits the needs of your case.

Real Estate

Both on the selling or buying side, as in the rental of a property, the work of a specialized lawyer is highly necessary, it is a guarantee of tranquility and confidence. Our lawyers, constantly updated, will help you to make a good deal.

Commercial Law

MAAT & Asociados Abogados Barcelona counts with lawyers specialized in Mercantile Law and a network of partners that allows us to offer a complete advisory in matters of constitution and operation of companies.

Fiscal and Tax

Our tax consultants offer a full service for professionals, companies and individuals, optimizing their economic cohesion and financial performance. Reducing your tax burden through proper tax planning has the advantage of having serious and trained professionals.

Family Right

Talk to your family lawyer, who specializes in conflict resolution, divorce matters, settling in a stable relationship, matrimonial applications made outside Spain, recognition of foreign sentences, etc.

What our customers say

«My case was very complicated to solve, and only in MAAT Barcelona were they able to find an adequate solution. The human treatment they had with me made the management with the lawyers excellent. If what you are looking for is seriousness and efficiency this is your place. »


Caio F. Ferrer

«They work with ethics, punctuality, honesty and human quality. Thank you very much for your empathy and excellent work! I recommend it 100%.»


Priscilla Pasetti

«An office with professional ethics and sincere treatment, as well as excellent legal knowledge and legal training!»


Francisco Capacete

«What I value most at MAAT Advogados is the humane treatment you receive. You are well advised and informed about the legal process from the first minute. Speed and professionalism combined with the warm hue of good human treatment».


David Calderon

«Professionalism, humane and effective treatment. Thank you very much for your work.»


Cecilia Coello


Registro de Pareja de Hecho en Cataluña

Si te interesa saber cuáles son las diferencias entre el matrimonio y la pareja de hecho, qué trámites tienes que realizar para registrar tu pareja de hecho, si puedes conseguir la residencia en España con la pareja de hecho estando irregular, o cómo puedes cancelar tu pareja de hecho en Cataluña, debes leer este artículo.

Novedades Nacionalidad Española 2019

En relación a las últimas modificaciones en los requisitos de nacionalidad española por residencia, nos dirigimos a todos aquellos que todavía no han presentado su solicitud de nacionalidad española y quizás por no cumplir con todos los requisitos están pendientes de...

Visado para argentinos

      El Gobierno de España ha publicado un proyecto piloto para la concesión de visados para la búsqueda de empleo a los hijos y nietos de ciudadanos españoles de origen, que residan en Argentina y que no tengan la nacionalidad española. Los visados tendrán una...

Residencia para británicos pos brexit

Las Instrucciones permitirán documentar y asegurar la residencia legal de 300.000 nacionales del Reino Unido residentes en nuestro país y la protección de los derechos de los trabajadores fronterizos británicos en España en caso de un Brexit duro. Los nacionales del...

La Golden VISA en España

En el contexto del Derecho español, la Golden Visa en España, es un VISADO o AUTORIZACIÓN DE RESIDENCIA Y TRABAJO concedida a los extranjeros que realicen inversiones económicas significativas en el país. Entre el 1 de enero y el 31 de octubre del 2018, más de 5.700...

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